30 March 2015

Thank You, Mr Lee Kuan Yew

It has been a hard week for Singapore. Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the man who brought Singapore up, passed on at age 91 on 23 March, 2015.

Singaporeans mourned as a nation, because in our individual hearts, we know so much of who we are today, where we live, how we live, the environment we have, were influenced by this one man's vision. 

While I am saddened, I am glad that Daen got to experience this national event, and is at an age where he would likely retain a memory of it.

Although he never shed a tear, in his picture he is crying, and so are Mummy and Daddy. 

Incidentally, one of the stars is on the other side of the moon.  

Penning down one of his messages at one of the Community Tribute Sites
(He is referring to the Singapore River)

Posting up his message

He is a sensitive boy.