01 January 2014

December School Holidays 2013

The school holidays started in mid-November for Vera and Daen. 

We put her in the stander for the first two weeks of the holidays. 

Daen thinks this is a train.
Then she fell sick and the whole month of December she was unwell. 

First came a week of stomach flu with Diarrhea, followed by a viral infection for two weeks, triggered by her 2nd dental checkup. The dentist brushed her teeth, while she was lying face up. She possibly swallowed some dislodged plaque. This is not new to us. The same thing happened after her first dental visit 3 years ago.

Then a strange tummy crunching, arching and pain started that has lasted till now. 

We hope to see the doctor in 2 days' time for some answers. It could likely be that her reflux is back - we had stopped medication in March 2013. 


Rae Mok said...

oh this totally looks like reflux!! rac also gets that gag reflex, but strangely only when she's sleepy. she's able to clear it though. poor vera! auntie rae sayang!

Lisa said...

Was she given antibiotics? Could she have gotten C-diff? I have followed you guys for a few years but have never posted. I have kept Beautiful Vera in my prayers and my kids have too.