15 November 2013

Her Ballet Flats

Feet Support for standing
 It's been almost a year since Vera's last Orthotic appointment. The pediatric orthotist was happy that the straps were well-worn and fraying, suggesting frequent use. She fixed new straps and also some toe wedges which prevent crimping.

The school holidays are when I sort out all of Vera's medical issues - free from the hectic schedule of bringing her to school.

End of November, she'll soon have her 3rd sleep study. Kids normally do one once a year, for Vera, it's been a year and a half already.

Start of December, she'll also go for her second dental check up ever. Yup, she's turning 6 and has only been to the dentist once. Teeth are terribly plagued with plaque.

Fingers crossed she stays well for all the procedures.