20 August 2013

Big Boy, Big Girl

Asking Daen how he protects Vera
All too soon, the kids have grown up. Though skinnier than his sister, Daen at 3+ has surpassed Vera in height. Vera remains the heavyweight, and has steadily put on the pounds.

Daen the teddy and Vera the piggy are in a "cave" together
 - we constantly instill in him the need to protect his sister. 
Taking his first strides on a pedal-less bike.
 While Daen finds his feet on a bicycle, Vera is making great progress in the pool. When we first started her in the pool at a year old, she lasted barely 15 minutes. Today, she can stay almost an hour and is still kicking after we've taken her out of the pool. Teacher JJ has been so great with her this year, and with Vera being much more engaged now, we are all enjoying school sessions, particularly hydrotherapy. Here's to more good times ahead!
"I'm lovin' it!"


Susan Oloier said...

May, The kids have grown so much. They are beautiful. Zane loves being in the pool, too. I think he likes the motion since he isn't able to experience it on foot quite yet.

Wonderful photos, as always.

Cathy said...

Yea for Vera! Love to see her in the pool. So nice that her big brother is her protector!

Anonymous said...

I love your kids, so good to see them grown. Laura