05 July 2013

Making a Smile

Caught her pulling back her mouth to make a smile : )

Vera can smile spontaneously, but a few days ago, we actually caught her practising how to 'make' a smile.

Every time she shows up some new trick or 'in thing', we are filled with a mixture of surprise, amusement, pride and pure joy.

It is clear to us, that she wants to learn, and could probably be trying to imitate our mouth movements, since she enjoys staring and tracking our faces all the time.

It is also clear that she is responding more and more to different sounds we make - animal sounds, sirens, - her face lights up.

This a girl with moderate hearing in only one ear, and moderate vision in only one eye. Her good ear and good eye must be working doubly hard!

She continues to amaze us.

P.S. The haze has abated, thankfully! We are keeping our fingers crossed it stays away over the next few months.

Also thanks Cathy and Susan for checking in ever so faithfully on Vera, it means a lot to us!


Anonymous said...

Yes she continues to amaze all of us.
Hope to see your family soon. Laura

Anonymous said...

Don't always leave a comment, but LOVE reading about your girl!!!
xxx Cara from Aus.

Cathy said...

She amazes more of us than you know. I love the pictures of her! I wish I could sit Annabel and her together and watch them. They could smile at each other!

Susan Oloier said...

I love to hear of Vera's progress. She has become so big. Thank you for continuing to update her blog. I love checking on her (and all of you).