05 June 2013

My Lowest Point

The day Vera came home from the hospital, I fell sick with a bad bout of the flu.

Three days of high fever, which is rare for me, and a hacking cough that makes my diaphragm hurt. I perspire buckets non-stop. My nose cannot stop flowing.

When kids fall sick, the strain on caregivers increases. I think my body held out till they got better and then my system crashed.

I feel so weak and worn down. After one month of battling their illnesses, I end up having to fight my own.

It is too much to bear.

And what if they catch my lethal bug? What if VERA catches it? I am paranoid now, so paranoid. One month is all my body can handle. Please stop at me, please. Spare us. 


Cathy said...

It is way too much! I am so sorry you are sick... I am praying that it stops with you.did Era come home yet?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Speedy recovery, May! Hoping no one else will have to fight that nasty flu bug.


Susan Oloier said...

May, I am so very sorry that you fell ill. Extremely ill. As caregivers, we have a lot of additional stress that parents of "traditional" kids alone do not have. I hope you're able to get some rest and nurse yourself back to good health.