19 May 2013

Double Whammy May

I spoke too soon (again) about Daen and Vera getting well.

The next moment everything changed.

Weak and pale from the vomiting
Daen -
First 2 weeks of May: Viral Flu, runny nose and cough for 3 weeks
Now: Stomach Flu, vomiting 8 times on Day 2, now can only take liquid. Six months ago when he had his first bout of Gastroenteritis, he had to be warded on a drip. Luckily, this time he seems to be able to ride it through at home.

Eyebag beauty...from multiple nights of choking during sleep
Vera -
First 2 weeks of May: Viral Flu (likely caught from Daen)
Now: Viral Flu 2nd round, plus likely Gastroenteritis (likely caught from Daen as well) with severe, unstoppable diarrhea. Her bum is red and raw.

Two kids. Double the joy, double the work, double the pain as well.

Ian is sick already. I am burning out. Last (wo)man standing is our caregiver.

Please let the air clear in April.


Mrs Redboots (Annabel Smyth) said...

Oh dear - I suppose Daen is picking up bugs at nursery and passing them round the family, such a generous child..... my grandson does the same thing, and I expect will pass it all on to the little brother who will come in September, all being well. Difference is, my daughter doesn't have a child with special needs to care for, so between us we can usually cope.

Hope everybody recovers soon.

May said...

Mrs Redboots,

Generous...that's a sweet way to put it!

Susan Oloier said...

May, I am so sorry the kids have been extremely ill. We've been passing things around here, too. Just not as severe as the issues there. Keeping healing thoughts for all of you.