07 January 2013

Back To School 2013

Today was Vera's first day back at school. She met her new teacher and had hydrotherapy. We had an awesome session.

Although it's been 2 months since she has swam, she took to the water like a fish. She kicked more than before, and was calmed throughout the 1 hour session. 

Seeing her move her limbs so vigorously in water is such a joy for me. The water frees her to do her thing! Perhaps that's why she fusses so much at home. Because she wants to move around by herself but can't. 

I am so looking forward to the next session. And so glad I can be working part-time to enjoy it. 


Cathy said...

Go Vera, I am so happy she loves the water and so happy she was well to go!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to start a brand new year - treasuring the real joy of sharing happy moments with our children. Awesome.

- Uncle Nick