20 April 2012

Piggy & Teddy

This is a book well-loved by Daen. It tells the story of PiggyWiggy and Teddy, two friends who are quite the opposite.

But at the end, though they spend lots of time apart, they are still best friends.

I thought this would be a good way to have Daen understand his relationship with Vera. They spend most of the time apart - he goes to school and she stays at home, and they can't play and talk with each other.

So I got him these:

Piglet from Winnie the Pooh, and Teddy from IKEA. I tell him that the Piggy is Vera and he is the Teddy. He knows that for a fact now. And we act out how they love each other, and sleep in bed together, which in real life he doesn't do with Vera cos he'll be climbing all over her.

Once in a while, we catch spontaneous acts of 'sayang'. It really warms my heart. Through Piggy and Teddy, perhaps he'll know he have Vera with him, even when she's not.