18 September 2010

Reflux Bed Gift

Kay, my university friend and her group of scrapbooking mommy friends bought the Reflux Bed as a gift for Vera. It is such a nice gesture, and humbling to know that people who don't personally know Vera actually care about her.

Auntie Kay has been following Vera's blog faithfully. Although she is a mother of 3, she still finds the time and energy for her online nursingwear shop and various charitable causes.

Vera is settling into her new bed. We can tell she is more comfortable in it than in the makeshift one below.

She arches and turns less. Probably because it is softer.

We did a Barium study and X-rays found that Vera does indeed have reflux. Milk goes back up her oeseophagus during feeding. The drastic measure will be surgery (a repeat fundoplication to tighten up the stomach opening) or management of the reflux through positioning - hence the usefulness of the bed.

Now we are able to safely tubefeed her lying down (which has become more often) when she is tired and cranky. And we can let her rest (or let us rest rather) instead of holding her for up to an hour after feeds till the milk digests.

Thank you Auntie Kay and your kind mommy friends!

P.S. Another benefit of the bed...she seems to find it easier to pass motion when lying in it!