12 February 2010

In Time For Chinese New Year

Shoo off runny poo.

After almost a month of watery stools triggered by antibiotics, we finally get one day without any.

Dr D., Vera's respiratory doc, gave her Smecta - this is supposed to line the bowels with a protective layer, and Lacteol Fort - good bacteria. I know I said these didn't work while she was in hospital, but it's probably because she was still on antibiotics then. Now, they seem to be doing the trick. There's another diarrhoea fighter - Lacteol GG, but Dr D. explained that that was used for prevention and not when it's been prolonged.

So it looks like Vera's all set to celebrate Chinese New Year in 2 days' time. This is usually the event that the Chinese gear up for. But the start of the year has been so eventful that by now, all I feel like doing is holing up and resting (or nesting). I'm definitely getting more tired going into my 34th week. We don't even have anything planned for Vera's 2nd birthday, on the 22nd of February. (Yes she is turning 2!)

But we've already given her the best presents she can have:

Good sleep. Good doctors. Good teachers & therapists. Good caregiver.

January was crazy, but we got so much sorted out medically for Vera that I'm thankful we went through what we did.

What started as a horrible lung infection turned out to be a blessing in disguise.