03 December 2009

Gaining Weight

Vera has her own growth charts for Trisomy 18. As you can see, the black lines deviate markedly from normal growth curves, especially as the years go by.

For almost a year, Vera was the same weight. But since we put her on Pediasure recently, she's been putting on the pounds. At 22 months, she's now 17 pounds (8kg), and 27 inches (70cm) tall. This puts her in around the 80th percentile for weight, and 50th percentile for height on the Trisomy 18 charts. This means we can stop worrying about weight gain for now, and start to take her off Pediasure, which is high caloric and VERY sweet. Too sweet for even myself to take. So much sugar can't be good for little ones in the long run. She might go the other extreme and become fatty!