27 August 2009

Day Out

Today, for the first time, I dared to take time out, leaving Vera solely to my new helper and my old grandma.

What did I do? What the typical Singaporean woman does - head for some retail therapy at Orchard Road.

It seemed like such a luxury just to be in town - to not be working on a weekday, and to have someone trained to do the works - feeding, bathing, rocking Vera to sleep.

I saw many "tai tais" - well-heeled, well-dressed, well-made up middle-aged women of leisure at a Bobbi Brown make-up workshop. I thought to myself, they must be so free. It seemed like looking good was probably what occupied them on a daily basis.

Unlike them, I was dowdily dressed in yoga pants and broad brown sandals, my hair flat and bodiless...hardly the do for strutting down the famed shopping street. I had "Stay-Home Mom" written all over me!

Years ago, I would have been aghast at my own sloppiness. But motherhood changes your self-image. When there's so much else on your plate, what people think of the way you dress just falls to the bottom of the pile.

Nonetheless, anyone out there keen to sponsor a make-over for this frumpy mom?