19 February 2011

Turning Three...In Hospital

Two days shy of Vera's 3rd Birthday and she's in hospital.

We'd been suctioning at home for 5 days and could not keep up with her secretions. Usually we manage at home if there isn't a fever. But this time there was, so to hospital we go. Just to be safe should things take a turn for the worse.

Her doc said we could bring her in 2 days later if she wasn't any better, but we had to go through emergency. Another round of repeating her story, just to get her warded. And on a Sunday. I thought it's unlikely we'll do any better at home, so we admitted on the spot.

Having Vera in hospital is good. Any changes in her condition and the team can respond with appropriate medication there and then. And her sats are being monitored (we don't have an oximeter at home).

But it is more tiring for all of us. I do 11 hours in the day, Beth does the night shift. With Vera so active and hooked onto the bipap, you just can't leave her unmonitored for long.

And with Diarrhea in full swing now with the start of anti-biotics (okay it's not as bad this time with the new anti-biotic Unasyn we're trying out), but still, enough to make me feel like an automated diaper-changing machine.

Vera is extremely tired from laboured breathing, sleep deprivation, frequent but necessary suctioning, but not tired enough to stop fighting us. I most dislike "hospital duty". I dislike struggling with Vera the entire day. I dislike seeing her bum bleed. I wish someone would take my place. But yet, I know I need to be there to work with the team to get her better fast.

Vera spent her second birthday in hospital. I'm so hoping she'll be home for her third.