08 February 2011

The Less Abled

Some people prefer to, or find it easier, to ignore Vera.

After all, unlike a bouncy, chatty toddler who clambers all over you wanting to play, Vera just well, sits there.

She can't greet you if you don't bother to greet her.

She can't say charming things to illicit exclamations like 'Oh you clever girl!'

And let's face it, she isn't your 'pretty pig-tailed girl'.

All in all, not much incentive to pay her any attention. Why bother talking to her since she won't understand anything you're saying?

Then there are those who are genuinely touched and SEE Vera beyond what she is. They come up to her and talk with a tenderness in their voice.

You can tell so much about a person by how they treat the less abled.