21 February 2011

Spiking a Fever

What had been a low grade fever for the past few days spiked to 39.8 deg C this evening.

It prompted the medical team to fix a plug on her to administer stronger antibiotics and also to conduct more tests. So far we know it isn't pneumonia, and her blood count is normal. We still do not know what the nature of the infection is.

Meanwhile, there are no smiles and all efforts at cajoling her fail. All she does is writhe in bed or sleep for short periods from sheer tiredness post-suctioning. And poop each time she coughs due to bowel incontinence.

It's unlikely she'll be home for her birthday.

P.S. Just when things were improving for Vera physio-wise, we switch to the opposite direction. One minute up, next minute down. It's hard to prevent my mood from swinging like this Trisomy journey.