15 February 2011

Oral Hygiene: Going Overboard

Once in a while, I get desperate about Vera's oral hygiene. Or lack of it.

There are yellow patches in between her teeth. Plaque. I smell her bad breath and see a yellow-caked tongue. Then I get carried away.

The last time, I whipped out the toothette (oral swab) and started cleaning away. Her secretions increased significantly, a sign of micro-aspiration*. Lots of suctioning ensued.

Yesterday, I whipped out the finger brush and even put toothpaste on it. She must have swallowed the bubbly and micro-aspirated again. She'll be dealing with lots of phlegm in the coming days.

You'd think that I'd learn but I don't know why I don't.

*Micro-aspiration means some fluid gets into the lungs, and this causes more phlegm to be produced by the body.
p.s. Anyone has any ideas? She refuses Spiffies toothwipes, and clamps down on our finger so hard it's painful even if we're wearing the rubbery finger brush.