26 February 2011

Little D

When Vera was warded for Pneumonia last January, in the bed adjacent to hers was Little D. A puny little girl whom we learnt had problems gaining weight. She was 3 years older than Vera, but smaller than her.

Time time, Vera is warded for Pneumonia again. Coincidentally, in the bed opposite hers is Little D again. Only that she ain't little no more. In just a year, she's overtaken Vera in size. She even has chubby cheeks now. I'm not sure what she's in for, but one thing hasn't changed.

Little D does not have any visitors.

I hear that she has a condition that causes water retention and needs to walk and exercise to help clear the fluids. Without someone around for her, the task falls on the nurses, who are already so busy with their duties.

Over the last 7 days, I've watched her eyelids increasingly swell till they're bulging, threatening to purse her eyes shut.

At first she could still peep through one eye. I brought her a board book. She smiled and flipped the pages delightedly.

Today, she could barely track. So I gave her a tactile musical toy, and she clung to it, pressing the buttons.

The nurses, cleaners, and other parents come to her and do what little they can to engage her. But when all are busy, she slumps in her stroller, the darkness closing in on her.

It makes me so sad. Here we are doing complete 24-hour shifts for Vera, and opposite her is the exact opposite.

WHERE ARE HER NEXT OF KIN? Not a single one? An uncle, aunt, grandparent?

What's the point of doctors and nurses trying so hard to help her, when her loved ones don't even pay a visit?

If they don't come see her quick, I'm afraid she'll soon not be able to see them either.