05 July 2010

Another Family

We've just heard from a friend who knows of a Singaporean couple expecting a Trisomy 18 baby.

When Vera was born, we found no one else in our shoes. We asked the hospital, they told us there was one case but the baby had passed away. Another was not prepared to talk to us. We felt so alone. All we need was some idea of the possible directions in the road head - good or bad.

I was desperate to find someone in Singapore who had a living Trisomy 18 child. On the Internet, I came across a child named Annalisa, born to parents who were pastors. I looked up the mother. When I asked her, "Your daughter lived 3 years right?" she corrected me, "3 years 9 months". That's how precious every day was to her mother. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she told me smiling "Treasure your child, she is special. Just like Annalisa." With that I found the courage to go on.

I'm really keen to get in touch with this couple. After all, who else can truly emphathise with what we've been through? Please do contact us. Ian and I would love to get to know you and share in your journey.