24 July 2010

Busy Busy

July was a busy month.

For one, Vera started school after a 4-month hiatus due to Daen's birth and mummy's recovery. She goes 3 times a week, for 2 hours each time. During this time, my mom comes to look after Daen while I send Vera to school with Beth accompanying her.

She's taking a while to get used to school again. She used to enjoy swimming. She didn't like the water the first time last week. Perhaps her tummy was bloated from the backup of poop.

Then her mask started to sport hairline cracks on the edges, because we cut it wider to accommodate her bigger nose. There is no "next size up" for this mask from MaskMedic. So we'll soon have to find another mask solution for her.

Then her button started to leak and we got her a new button. We're dealing with over granulation now, but that's easily sorted. We'll just burn it off with some silver nitrate sticks.

We're still sorting out her constipation - adding new stuff to her diet - thanks for all the tips! - and hope to see good results soon.

Meanwhile, we're trying to spend time with Daen as well - making sure he gets out and about to see the world. Usually this is when Vera is sleeping and has to be home (cos of the bipap). Our little friend is the exact opposite of Vera.

She sleeps after 11pm. He sleeps before 830pm.

She wakes after 830am. He wakes by 630am or earlier.

Hence the early morning stroll at Changi Beach one weekend. It reminded us of our outing here with Vera when she was small.

Having Daen has added a kind of balance to our lives. While I busy over Vera's various issues big and small, his easy-going nature and ready smiles give us some perspective, so the challenges we face with Vera don't becoming all-consuming.