06 July 2010

Update: Sleep n Poo

When she hasn't slept well or enough, it's big yawns in the day.

These are the two main issues we're dealing with at the moment.

Each night I pray that she sleeps through the night. She's been doing a couple of waking-at-3am-sleeping-at-6am. Which really messes up her sleep routine. It's always due to a blocked nose. We saw her ENT doc and a scope revealed that the adenoids in her nasal area are swollen. This reduces the space for air intake. She's now on Nasonex - a nasal spray with steroids. It's meant to shrink the adenoids. So far, it seems to give her relief enough to remain asleep. Hopefully it works long-term, else we'll have to resort to surgery to remove the adenoids. Anyone out there have experience on this? Surgery I mean.

It was going to happen sooner or later. On a 100% milk diet, Vera has become constipated. She needs fibre. But we're advised to only put milk or liquids through the tube. So how? Anyone have "fibre" solutions to share for tube-fed kids that won't clog up the button?