25 February 2010

D-I-Y: Homecare

Everything happens for a reason.

Mummy and Daddy were not good at/did not like suctioning: Vera's recent upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) made sure we got over our phobia.

We decided to continue Vera's recovery (6-day course of antibiotics left) at home, because doing shifts at the hospital was just getting too tiring for me.

This means I get all the practice I need at suctioning. Plus I get to rest.

We've established a good routine.

One hour before a feed, we check for signs that Vera needs a suction.

Step 1:
Vera is placed bum higher than head with a towel. This encourages drainage of mucus pretty effectively. Beth does 15 minutes of percussion (repetitive cupping) in this position. Voila, mucus flows out from her nose and mouth even before suctioning.

Step 2:
Beth holds Vera down. Mummy suctions. (I decided against posting a picture because that would be too painful.)

Step 3:
Beth carries Vera and calms her down for her feed.

We'll keep at it and hope she fully recovers by the time she completes the course of antibiotics.

Because early next week, she's up for her 2nd Sleep Study. It's a titration - to find out the optimum levels that she needs for her BiPAP. Which means another hospital stay.

We don't have a choice. We'll have our hands full after the birth, so it's got to be before it.

Hopefully everything goes well. I don't say "as planned", because I know from experience nothing ever goes as planned!