22 February 2010

2nd Birthday in hospital

Our lil girl was hospitalized last Saturday.

May has been very tired from the long stay at the hospital & her pregnancy so I'm doing a quick post this time just in case some of you are wondering.

During the admission, lung/chest x-ray seems quite ok & blood test didn't detect any bacteria infection. However, we were advised to have her warded for the fever &, mainly, to better manage her secretions to reduce the chances of getting pneumonia like some weeks ago. Other than list of usual medications (smecta, antibiotic, etc), she is on continuous feed & on BiPAP (supplement with O2) most of the day to assist her breathing.

After irritations from a couple of suctioning sessions in the earlier part of yesterday, she slept at 4.30pm & hasn't woken up when I left at 10pm. Looking at the empty cot last night, it took me a while to fell asleep since I didn't get to countdown with Vera to her birthday. My last wishful thoughts were, "Why not I drop-by the hospital in the wee hours of the morning to ... zzz... .". Instead, our helper who is doing the night shift, Beth, would most probably be the first to wish her when she wakes up (.... in the middle of the night?).

Her school teachers were planning to have a small birthday celebration in class today but I guess we'll have to disappoint them this time.

As of last evening, fever is gone & both SpO2 readings & blood CO2 level are ok too without O2 supply. If things are still well & stable today, she might be transferred to normal ward soon. She is currently in PICU High-Dependence because it's apparently the hospital's policy for BiPAP patient. And we are fine with that.

Till I see you back at the hospital after work, "Happy 2nd Birthday, my little Vera!" ... 'cyberly'.