22 July 2009

Happy 17th Month

Dear Vera,

You turn 17 months today. This past month, you've become skinnier and lighter. You've lost some weight because you had the runs for nearly 10 days. Probably because mommy tried to change you to another formula milk too quickly and your system could not adjust to it. In getting you onto a milk that would help you gain, it made you lose weight instead. We'll have to treat your body more gently from now.

This month you became more 'knowing'. You seem to know - yes it's not just being aware. You seem to know mummy is trying to make you laugh, and you smile with anticipation. You seem to know when mummy scolds you (yes, I do) for fussing non-stop at night, and you stop (for a while). You seem to know when it's physio time, and you try to play along (for a while). You know certain songs when you hear them, because you'd break into a smile. How much do you know? I think you know our love - and that is all the language we need.

Happy One-More-Month, Vera. What a fun-filled, poop-filled month it was.