25 July 2009

Be Strong Brianna

Our friend with a lovely little girl named Brianna has been experiencing the much-feared 'blue spells' that all doctors tell parents about when they first break new of the Trisomy 18 diagnosis.

At the time of Vera's birth this was what we were told:
In time to come, babies with T18 would have frequent apnea spells. This happens because the brain sends faulty messages to different bodily functions. Hence, she may "forget to breathe" and have more and more frequent "blue spells". "When you open up her blanket and don't see the rise and fall of her heart after 20 seconds, it's not a good sign," they added.

No parent should have to watch their baby turn blue. Please send your thoughts and prayers to this beautiful little girl who has been giving such hope to all of us with Trisomy 18 babies.