02 July 2009

Getting a Helper

It's been 3 months since I've been home looking after Vera full time. Even with some part-time help from my mom, aunt and grandma, and Ian's complete support, it's been rather overwhelming for me. It's quite a strain on them as well.

As a copywriter, what I'd been doing on a daily basis for 10 years was sit at Starbucks and think of ideas, sketch stick figures then move the mouse. I enjoy looking after Vera, doing her therapy, taking her to school, helping her improve. But I'm not used to the monotony of routine chores. Perhaps my brain has been wired by now to seek change and new ideas on a daily basis.

So now, we're looking for a helper. Perhaps I'll be able to do some part-time work from home to help finance it. Hopefully, that will be a better balance.