09 June 2009

Vera 1 Us O

It's been 2 weeks and Vera's still not on the CPAP at night. My initial enthusiasm in getting her onto it waned by the 1st week. The result of rejection! haha. With us so sleep-deprived, the first thing we want do when she falls asleep at 11.30pm, is to sleep ourselves, and disturbing her with the mask just risks waking her up, and we so don't want that!

We've tried a smaller, nasal mask. But even so, it's having something covering her face that gets her flailing her arms vehemently in her sleep. So, yeah, we've chickened out for now, giving in to Vera's adamant refusal of the contraption. Soon, we'll have to return the CPAP machine which was loaned for trial for a month.

So I guess that's the situation for CPAP for now. Vera 1 - Mummy and Daddy 0.