04 June 2009

Button Care Part 3

We're into our 3rd month of button care and I must say, I'm very happy that my fears of an oft-bleeding over-granulating stoma have been unfounded. In fact, the granulation (reddish tissue) has shrunk in size, such that we can now actually see the stem of the button.

A lot of work goes into this tiny contraption - copious amounts of tissue and sterile gauze changed over and over after every feed to soak up the leaking milk and greenish discharge. Now that we've gone from 3-hourly feeds to 2-and-a-half-hour feeds, it sometimes seems my day is an endless cycle of feed Vera, change tissue, change gauze. But it's worth it if Vera's granulation stays like this. Many thanks to the kind mother who gave so much gauze to us...this is the happy result!