31 October 2010

"Do Not Resuscitate"

I was filling up the survey Barb sent me regarding hospital care for babies born with Trisomy 18/13.

I went back to take a look at her medical records and this is what I found:

Do you see that line?

"In the event of cardiac arrest, baby is NOT FOR RESCUSCITATION."

Not for rescuscitation.

In block letters for emphasis.

Even though upon discharge, Vera was in no apparent grave situation.

"Condition on transfer quite stable on room air."

There was no mention of surgery options to address her large PDA. Nor follow-up tests to ascertain if she did indeed have central or obstructive sleep apnea - what would cause the much-feared "turning blue". We were not taught to give CPR if she "turned blue".

We were asked to sign a DNR and we did. We were told that it is valid for 48 hours.

I'm afraid that this is the protocol of most hospitals in the world for Trisomy 18 newborns.

And there is nothing that little me can do about it.