12 June 2010

To Bed To Bed

I'm determined to get Vera out of her late night sleep cycle.

For the past few months, she's been sleeping around 12 midnight. She still struggles with breathing even with Bi-pap (perhaps it's beginning to lose its effect), and doesn't sleep well from 2-5am. The result: She wakes up really late (930am) and takes her afternoon nap at close to 5pm. We're always having to force her to wake up from deep sleep in the day because she's so tired out from not sleeping well at night.

In the past, knowing that she sleeps late, we'll entertain and play with her in the living room till 10 plus.

Now, we're gonna enforce putting her in bed by 9pm. And leaving her to wind down and settle. Hopefully, once she gets used to nobody playing with her, she'll think 'oh well, I might as well sleep'.

Last night was the first night we tried it out.

We peeked and saw Vera still doing her secret training in bed while catching up with Tinny. This girl.

Hopefully it works, and we're able to shift her sleep/wake times earlier.

It's good for her and good for us.