14 June 2010

The Difference

Raising his head already

Just 3 months and Daen can already do what took Vera 2 and a half years to master.

Having him has given us a whole new experience.

We realise how much strength a normal baby is born with.

Equally amazing is how easily a baby can fall asleep. A short stroll is all it takes. After dealing with Vera's sleep difficulties for so long, it almost seems like magic.

After a feed, we are able to put him down immediately after burping, and get on with other things. We always had to hold Vera upright for up to an hour when she was small, due to her reflux. And then there was always vomit to clear, meds to give, tubes to insert.

I'm not comparing them, but rather comparing the difference in our experience of caring for a special needs baby vs a regular one.

Daen's record book

Vera's record book

I totally understand why people with normal babies want to have more of them. And those with a special child choose to stop there.