29 December 2009

Orthopaedic Update

We brought Vera to a new doctor for her 6 monthly orthopaedic check up today.

At the last visit, the xray showed a curvature of about 20 degrees in her spine. We wanted to know if it had gotten any worse, but the new doctor said to come back in another 6 months. He did not recommend that we do an x-ray today, and expose her to unneccessary radiation.

He mentioned that the first 4 years were the most crucial - that is, any deterioration would likely happen in this period - after that the spine will more or less stabilise, until the next growth stage in puberty.

He told us that for now, her scoliosis should be the least of our worries. That we should instead let her have lots of swimming, and focus on developing her mental capacity through lots of stimulation and play.