04 March 2011

ResMed Mask

This is the mask we eventually got for Vera - the ResMed Mirage Micro adult nasal mask.

The hospital one was just too large for her face, and I didn't like the heaviness of the gel.

There are so many factors to consider when choosing a mask.

a) It must be lightweight.
b) It must not block her line of vision.
c) It must have low leakage.
d) It must have just the right coverage over nose and mouth.
e) It must be easy to fasten and unfasten.
f) It must be easy to wash.
g) It must give us a good view of her nostrils and mouth.

The Mirage Micro has all the above. Best of all, it has the same thin, soft silicone lining as her old mask, which made it a clear choice. Vera took to the mask so well.

I feel so relieved to have found it. So many nights I've been worrying over what could possibly be as good as the Maskmedic but bigger.

Once again, answers reveal themselves, just when we need them.