30 March 2011

Chicken Pox

The pus-filled blister on her face appeared overnight. We thought it was caused by her mask. But the next day, more rash spots appeared on her back.

We happened to have a planned visit to the pediatrician, and she felt it may be early chicken pox. In normal kids, she would have let them fight the virus without medication. But as Vera's immune system is weak, she gave her anti-viral medication to limit the severity of the outbreak.

We should have given Vera the vaccination at 15months, but again, we dropped the ball and now she's caught it.

As pox is contagious, she may have spread it to Daen, as the incubation period is 3 weeks' prior to the appearance of spots. And yes, they have been playing together and he's been touching her mouth and face.

Vera's now quarantined in her room. Daen will not see his sister in the next 2 weeks. Separating them is the only thing we can do at this point.

Another setback, just when we were planning to get her back to school.