27 March 2011

Daen Is One

Vera's still dealing with a runny nose, but we decided she couldn't miss her brother's first birthday. So she made a quick special appearance. Daen was dressed in the tiger suit bought by his Godma.

Grandma shows him the jungle animals.

He got a safari-themed cake, and a jungle-themed party courtesy of his Mai Mai, our very own David Tutera.

Daen is born in the year of the Tiger.

In keeping with Chinese tradition, he was asked to crawl towards and pick one of four items. The one he chooses will reveal what he is likely to be in the future (supposedly)

1) Ruler - Engineer
2) Book - Academic
3) Abacus - Accountant
4) Chicken wing - Chef
He chose the abacus. (A-hah, a future CFO!)

We had a special pre-birthday visit from his Godma and kids as well, and he thoroughly enjoyed his new airplane car.

It's been a blast staying home with Daen - he's been such a good, easy baby that it's so much fun looking after him. Hopefully that continues!