12 November 2010

Suctioning 201

Suctioning 101 described our first forays into the icky business.

Suctioning 201 details how we've modified our technique to the "challenge" from Vera.

First step: Vera is bundled up like a mummy.

Vera looks at me with poisonous eyes. I don't like getting this,
she looks like she hates me! But there's no choice.
I wear a mask to hide my face.
Maybe I need funny glasses as well...

She takes one look at the apparatus and sticks her tongue out in defence. Clever girl.

Vera grits her teeth. Mummy tries using a spoon like a spanner.
It's a split second manoeuver, waiting for her to open just wide enough
for me to slip the spoon through.

Then comes the tricky part: Curving the catheter down her throat and down deep,
as GENTLY as I can, by waiting for moments when she relaxes her trach.

Finally, letting her rest with O2 in between tries.
She's tired, but all ready to put up a fight in the next round.