07 November 2010

Back (Home) To Suctioning

Yes Vera is back home.

And we're back to lots of suctioning. Apparently it is the body's reaction to the wound sites. The copious amounts of secretions are expected to last at least 14 days. We're at Day 6 (only!)

You've heard all about how we and Vera dislike suctioning so I won't elaborate further.

Just to say that I'm glad I've reached a proficiency level to be able to do it as "productively" as possible.

There is however, a satisfaction that comes from seeing Vera struggle. She used to cry. She doesn't anymore. Instead, like a trapped crab, she uses all her strength to fend us off, clenches her teeth like a crocodile, and stares at Me The Catheter with poisonous eyes.

This is my baby at her feisty best.

"This one ain't going down without a fight," I smile to myself.

At this point, it is premature to say that her breathing has improved. We'll have to wait till the secretions clear.