09 October 2008

All Three Down

...with the flu bug.

After 7 gruelling months of sleepless nights and 24/7 days, Ian finally falls sick. It's a wonder his immune system as held out for so long.

Problem is, I'm sick as well. And Vera too. Ever since her nasal insertion, mucus started to dribble from her nose, and it's become really congested over the last few days. It obstructs her breathing so badly she keeps waking at night. Crying non stop because she really wants to sleep. Her whole nose/throat cavity sounds like it's rumbling or gurgling.

To add to this, she's been retching again. We thought the nasal tube would put an end to this. Not so. We really don't know why.

It's been really trying these few days. She's on medication for the congestion now, but we've yet to see it's effectiveness. Fingers crossed.

Meantime, it's groggy baby, groggy mummy, groggy daddy.