08 June 2012

Comfort Classic is Here!

Respironics Comfort Classic M size

Vera's new mask is finally here from the U.S. and it's a perfect fit!

The opening is just slightly higher than her old Resmed Mirage Micro mask, which is exactly what we were looking for. And the silicon is very soft, much softer than gel, so unlikely there will be the pressure marks caused by the Respironics Profile Lite.

Big thanks to the Respi team at NUH for recommending this.

I contacted the Respirionics sales rep in Singapore but he insisted there was no way he could bring it in for me as it was an old model. So we ordered this from CPAP.com. It's a great service, with an online sales rep chat, and parcel tracking service.

The mask costs USD40, and shipping was USD36. Total was USD76 (S$97).

Now better sleep for Vera may well be achievable again.