20 June 2012

Angel Vera K

Vera K
22 March 2011 - 19 June 2012
Vera K, the other Vera in Singapore with Trisomy 18, grew her wings yesterday, passing peacefully in her mother's arms. She lived 15 months. Now, our Vera will have lost another of her friends who she has just met last Sept.

When we attended her funeral in a peaceful Danish church, I stared so long at her in her crib - she looked like she was merely asleep. I will never forget those big doe eyes which she got from her mother.

"And with a smile she carries all my cares away."
                                                           - Anonymous

Though her stay was brief, she touched the lives of those she was gifted to. Our Trisomy 18 children speak not a word, yet teach us volumes about miracles, strength, weakness, pain, joy, acceptance and unconditional love.