30 March 2012

March In Pictures

Finally, a window of time to blog. At 5am in the morning!

I'm on a pitch and that means crazy hours...for a couple of days.

Lots of good memories were made in March.

We were invited to little Vera's One Year Old party. This picture is worth a thousand words.

Two Veras surviving Trisomy 18 on 24th March 2012, with their proud parents.

Then Daen turned two. We had a simple celebration at home.

I love it that Vera was looking at the cake. (Serene, she can still wear the T-shirt you made for her!)

We brought him to the Singapore Flyer, the 'biggest observation wheel in the world' as they claim.

Daen took a step back, thinking he was going to fall off.

In the background is Marina Bay Sands, now a Singapore icon

Meanwhile, Vera continues her Early Intervention at Rainbow Centre, improving slowly but surely.

May the spell of good health for all continue into April!