21 February 2012

A Problem With Her Foot

I brought Vera to see the Orthopaedic surgeon today. My concern: A feeling that her spine was getting increasingly curved, and that the bone in her left foot was increasingly protruding.

To my dismay, the surgeon believes that it is caused by us doing too vigorous stretching of Vera's foot. Due to the extreme tightness of the muscles above her heel (where my right thumb is), we may have inadvertently cause the bottom joints to "break" and weaken when we force the foot to stretch upwards.

The surgeon thinks that surgery might be needed to lengthen the muscles just above the heel. He also did a check on her back and confirmed my suspicions: her spine's curvature has increased. By how much, we shall only know in 3 months' time (end of May 2012), when she's scheduled for an X-ray (spine and foot).