19 January 2012

It's Hard To Have A Happy Start to the Year

It's hard to have a Happy New Year.

Here's why. 

January is one of the worst months to start the new year. If I had a choice, I'd start the year with August, or September. Those are usually quiet, uneventful and relatively peaceful months. 

January is Major Anxiety Month. At least it's been for the last few years. 

January is when I had to deal with news of Vera 'having problems' in my tummy. 

January is when Vera fell sick, very sick with Pneumonia coming to 2, and I was making hospital rounds while very pregnant with Daen. 

January is when Vera fell sick again coming to 3 and did time again in hospital.

This January, as history would have it, is living up to its reputation.

I have been plagued by a persistent cough since December.

Daen was infected with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease after his first week, and first time, in Childcare. We've just spent one week dealing with it. 

Just when I was mentioning how lucky it was that Vera didn't pick it up from him (we had them strictly separated until he was fully well), she is sick. She vomitted four times after milk. Runny nose, fever. Please, just don't let it be HFMD.

As of now, it's back to separating them again. And a return to suctioning and lack of sleep.

There are two flu seasons: December - February. May - July. We're at the height of the former now. 

And to top it all off, in January there's 'Happy My Birthday', 'Happy Our Wedding Anniversary', and 'Happy Lunar New Year'. 

January's tough I tell ya.