30 January 2012

A Fab Feb

We've emerged from Jeopardy January and things are looking up. 

Vera's well and back to school. So is Daen. 

My helper Beth on home leave for two weeks. So we're keeping our fingers crossed no one falls sick during this time. 

It's been a great workout for me playing maid of the house again; it's my 2-week slimming program. Housework and wakeful nights work wonders on the waistline. 

Vera's birthday is coming up as well. I can't believe she's turning FOUR. 

FOUR is an inauspicious word for the Cantonese: it sounds like 'Die'. 

We're ignoring that and going ahead to celebrate Vera going against the odds and being such a survivor. 

Initially we (or me mostly) weren't in the mood to celebrate her birthday, but I think after January, we could do with a bit of joy yah?

Here's hoping for a fab Feb for you all as well!