08 July 2011

Detecting Trisomy 18

This article is way too high-brow for me. But in a nutshell, it seems that someone's found a way to detect Trisomy 13 and 18 in utero to a high 98 per cent certainty. 

With more cases being seen today ( I understand that a Singapore doctor saw 5 Trisomy 18 cases in the past 1 year), and given that the current practice, at least in the US, is moving towards with-holding life support from very sick babies, I hope these tests get made mandatory soon and offered to mothers from age 30, not age 35.

I was 32 when I had Vera. A Nuchal Translucency Test show "low risk" of Trisomy 18. When I asked about it, the reason was that it was a "false negative". Well, we've got to get better, more accurate tests then!