23 January 2011

How We See Vera

One time, Ian and I caught Vera in the mirror and were surprised by how disproportional her eyes looked.

Her reflection

"Why does her right eye look so small?"

Well, because they are. Mirrors don't lie.

"That's probably how others see her," Ian said. With one significantly smaller cross-eye.

Amazingly, our parent-tinted lenses have compensated for the difference in our brain: we've been rewired to see less of the disparity.

Love, has certainly blinded us to the appearance of her many other physical shortcomings.

Do I see "Abnormal" in her low-set ears? No. Her lop-sided mouth? Her extra digit? Her rocker-bottom feet? Nope.

To me, these are what make Vera VERA. This combination makes her unlike any other toddler in the world.

I remember back in the early days when I would shoot poisonous 'what are you lookin' at' arrows at people who glanced at her in the park. Now, I'm too busy getting her gaiters on to bother.

There is a powerful sense of release and freedom when you accept, fully accept the special child you've been given.

Your eyes open and see beauty.

Little Porky, eyes a-gleaming