03 January 2011

A Better View

This picture may seem like nothing out of the ordinary, but for me, it has particular significance.

Here, Vera in the upright position of her stroller.

Normals kids take this position from about 6 months. But for Vera, she did not tolerate this position for the longest time. She would arch in protest, or bend like bamboo in it. We always had her one notch down, semi-reclined. Her view would be nothing but high rise and sky.

It was always a rush - through grocery shopping, eating, etc, "before Vera gets uncomfortable" in the pram. She had no interest in the surroundings, and outings weren't much fun for us either.

Now, I guess her increased strength and tone has enabled her to take this position for the length of a walk in the park. It has made the exercise literally a stroll. She can now see people, pets, bicycles, cars, children running around.

It is so wonderful, just to watch her watch the world go by.