15 December 2010

How Do You Do It?

To moms of Trisomy 18 or other special needs child and a younger baby: How do you do it?

I knew it would be tough: but this is pushing my limits.

When Vera is well, it's already a stretch. The bad news is while the adenoid and tonsil surgery has improved her breathing, it hasn't improved her sleeping. She's still awake 4 hours in the middle of the night. Which means someone (Beth) goes sleepless as well. For nights on end.

Now, she is sick.

She spent the whole of last night wailing. Beth has slept all of one hour and is hardly functioning.

We're bracing ourselves for another round of "wailing-suctioning" for the next few nights.

If it's just Vera, and 2 caregivers, it's manageable. One can take the night shift, and sleep in the day. The other the day shift.

With another jumping-scooting-prancing-weaning baby in tow, I find that I am not able to take over Vera in the day.

Anyway, whining aside, I'm thankful for a fully committed caregiver and a hands-on hubby. I am not alone.

The juggling continues.