20 December 2010

Costly Medical $upplies

I read a post by a mom of a special needs child

Medical Suppliers Profitting Off Terminally Ill Chidren - The Rotten Vermon Stench Of The Medical Supply Business

...and I share her sentiments.

While in Singapore (thank goodness) we have a government that provides subsidised medical care for Vera at affordable rates, medical supplies are not covered under insurance (no company will insure Vera anyway), and parents have to get them direct from suppliers.

While I understand that a bipap machine can be costly at $6000, it is the pricey consumables that get my eyeballs rolling.

Take this for example.

Bacteria filters - 1 for $5

This device filters the air before it blows into Vera's nostrils. Due to air pollution from construction and the highway nearby, we have to change it every 3 days. That's $50 a month.

I don't believe this piece of plastic and paper can cost $5. There is no bulk purchase price.