26 August 2010

She's Seeing OK

Orthoptic Test

Vera visited the eye doctor today. It's been almost a year since her last appointment.

She had an Orthoptic Test - they show her placards and note the response of the eye.

There's good news: Her bad eye is showing signs of more movement than at the previous visit. Her good eye is tracking well.

I was also impressed with new equipment to test her eye pressure.

Previously, it was a fat pen-like stick with a rounded tip that had to touch her eyeball to get a reading. (Who likes a pen touching their eyeball, right.)

Now, it's a gun-like thingie with a minute tip that shoots out in a split second to get a reading. Amazing.

Result: Pressure is normal. She is longsighted, but not short-sighted. So no need for glasses. Yey! Vera will probably yank them off anyway.

Surgery can correct her cross-eyes, but we won't be pursuing that as the change will be purely cosmetic.

And her eyes are beautiful the way they are, just because they are able to express what she feels and because they smile.